PhD Futures Now! Teaser – 3

In this clip from one of our upcoming PhD Futures Now! episodes, Lisa Betty (PhD Candidate, Fordham University) unpacks the broken promise of graduate education especially for black women and women of color. 


A large amount of the student debt, you know, carriers are black women, or women of color. We’re also fed a story that if you, if you jump through these hoops, and you do all this work, and you get this paper, we will finally respect you, and you will finally be able to live a substantial and positive life within our society. And that’s a goddamn lie. And it doesn’t stop us, at least to fully understand that lie, but it’s kind of like a damned if you do damned if you don’t, especially if you’re in that space, where you do want access to the information, and the networks. Presumably, if you come from a financially marginalized base, that may be your only way to, to move to get to the next level.